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Successful Fishing!!!

By Chelsey5 @chelseysullivan

A historic day for our household yesterday.

Our first experience with catching fish!

Not that we had not gone fishing before. We had many many times actually.

We had just never had any success.

Unfortunately my husband was out-of-town for this whole experience.

That makes me a bit sad but the up side of it all is that my boys got to make some fun memories with their Uncle and Auntie.

My brother and sister-in-law asked if we would like to go fishing and of course we did.

So after dinner we packed up the poles and kiddos and off we went.

Successful Fishing!!!

It was a beautiful evening on the river.

Now because I was hoping that our first fish would be caught I brought my camera will full intent on taking lots of pictures of this event.

BUT…I got so excited for my children you will notice that many of the shots are blurry.

Sorry, I can’t help it.

Successful Fishing!!!

First things first, Uncle Richard had to put some worms on the hooks.

I was conveniently holding a camera and a baby during this part.

Successful Fishing!!!


After that we were all wormed up and ready to go.

Successful Fishing!!!

Auntie Sammie helped Jonah cast out and showed him when to begin reeling in.

Successful Fishing!!!
Jacob cast out all by himself and Uncle and Auntie gave him some pointers so he would know when to start reeling in.

Successful Fishing!!!

Then after maybe his 3rd cast out Jacob yells “I got one!”

At first I went to go help him but then decided not to. I wanted him to do it by himself.

So I took pictures.

Successful Fishing!!!

He did a great job reeling in the fish.

I love these pictures too because even with his head turned you can see his huge smile.

Successful Fishing!!!

He did it!

The first fish of his young life and he did it all by himself!

Successful Fishing!!!

Not a great picture (I told you I was excited!) but I love the expression.

He was pumped!

His super awesome aunt was helping him get his fish off the hook.

I was taking pictures.

Successful Fishing!!!

Not only his first fish but a good-sized one too.

Successful Fishing!!!

I think Uncle Richard and Auntie Sammie were just as proud as I was.

Successful Fishing!!!

Jacob’s officially a fisherman.

Successful Fishing!!!

Now the other boys were just waiting for their big catch.

Uncle Richard was helping Jude cast out his pole.

So after Jacob had his catch he decided to take a break so I decided to put the camera down for a minute and sink a worm myself.

So with a pole in one hand and Hope on my hip I cast out and started fishing.

After Hope watched me reel in once she decided that was something she could do.

So after I cast out again Hope began reeling in the line.

She actually was really good at it.

I showed Sammie Hope’s new skill and said “wouldn’t it be funny if she caught one?”

Wham! We had one!

So I handed the pole off to Jonah so he could reel in his first fish.

Successful Fishing!!!

He got a fighter fish.

Successful Fishing!!!

At one point Jonah was drug down the bank a little.

Sammie was there to help so he would not get pulled in.

I was taking pictures.

Successful Fishing!!!

So after a lot of effort Jonah finally got his fish in.

Successful Fishing!!!

Dont let the huge chunk of moss fool you.

Successful Fishing!!!

It was a big fish!!

Successful Fishing!!!

Hope caught it and Jonah reeled it in.

It was a team effort.

Successful Fishing!!!

Shortly after Jonah’s catch Uncle Richard had a bite and yelled for Jude to come reel it in.

Jude was determined to get this fish.

Successful Fishing!!!

Good thing he had Uncle to help him because he got so excited when he saw the fish that he forgot to keep reeling.

Successful Fishing!!!

It was a smaller fish but it was just right for little Jude to reel in.

Successful Fishing!!!

I love this picture.

Jude is so happy with his fish, Richard is so happy for his nephew’s catch and Faith is just happy to be with her uncle.

Successful Fishing!!!

Now it was Faith turn for a fish.

I had a bite so I gave to the pole to my brother so he could help Faith while I took pictures of course.

Unfortunately, her fish got off the line while she was reeling it in.

Faith was not too worried about it.

She just left and continued playing.

After that we did not catch anymore fish. We had a few bites here and there but that was it.

Just enough for each boy to have a fish.

Now it was time to show them how to clean the fish.

Successful Fishing!!!

Jude was first.

There was no way he was going to do any of the yucky cleaning.

We could not even get him to hold the fish by the gill for a picture.

He watched Uncle though.

Successful Fishing!!!

Then it was Jonah’s turn to watch.

He really did not want to do it either.

Plus his fish was so big it took some muscle to pull apart.

Successful Fishing!!!

Had to take a picture of course.

Successful Fishing!!!

Now Uncle Richard assisted with Jacob’s but told him he was big enough that he needed to do it himself.

Successful Fishing!!!

So he did the cutting himself.

I was so proud!

My son is getting so grown up.

Successful Fishing!!!

His uncle was a great teacher.

Successful Fishing!!!
So after they were all done I made Jacob pose for a picture or ten.

This one makes me laugh.

Then in fashion of his father’s personality Jacob posed for this picture.

Successful Fishing!!!
I only wish I would have been on the right camera setting for this goof ball picture.

He reminds me so much of his father.


This fishing trip was a success.

My boys now believe me that it can be done.

Thank you Uncle Richard and Auntie Sammie!

Successful Fishing!!!

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