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Stylish And Amazing Pamelo Skateboard With Swappable Batteries

Posted on the 26 December 2018 by Skateboard
Stylish And Amazing Pamelo Skateboard With Swappable Batteries

Cruise for up to 23.6 miles with a top speed of 26mph you’ll be zipping around on the Pomelo for miles. Do you want to cruise up to 23.6 miles at the top speed of the 26mph then PomeloPro is the unique option for getting more miles. You can Just grab the remote for accelerating and find out the more supports and you will recharge the battery as you brake. This pamelo skateboard weights is17 pounds and you can take away from supports riders up to 265 lbs. However, it is the best-Boosted board is a bit too pricey for and more alternative for people with super long commutes. On another hand, the pamelo skateboard swappable batteries are also who want to extreme ranges with use the port of charge your phone as well.


When you are looking the more exciting features of electric longboard pushing with limits of renewables forwards then Pomelo electric longboard is a unique choice. These skateboards are basically worked due to some main difference being electric longboards are longer and cruising while electric skateboards are wider geared towards cruising with the geared for tricks. In addition, the battery takes 2 hours is ready to rides at any point with long cruises and adventures for long cruises and adventures as well as it is the best range of electric skateboard such as High Range

  • Top Speed
  • Hill Climbing
  • Swappable Battery
  • High Endurance
  • Speed Modes

How To Choose Pamelo Skateboard?

  • Power:

In need, the strong and electric longboard motor form the best rule of electric longboard motor wattage of the motor the more powerful the output and you want to live somewhere with a lot of hills.

  • Speed:

The best measure of the top speed of an electric pamelo skateboard. There are available from the multiple settings for speed and control to your fast access and top speed about depending on the road conditions and the weight of the rider.

  • Range:

The pamelo skateboard Range is measured the electric skateboard to go on a single charge of the batteries. In the main factors, depending on the batteries to use the more approximation based on the standard battery for the board at full charge.

  • Dimensions:

The main Dimensions of the board are usually longer and wider from also. the pamelo skateboard will be shaped differently too. It is very lightest and most portable electric skateboard in across the world.


The lightweight features for motor give you enough due to get you about ten miles an hour. In addition, the regenerative braking function is also generative form the conserve that charge with some neat features for other electric boards lacks. On another hand, the best-integrated help you see at night for all app that you can download that integrates with the keep track of the distance you. In the main factors about the battery packs and you can manage the slope of beginners or professionals as well as depending on your level for the braking system.

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