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Style/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
REFINED AND TAILORED LOOKS LEAD THE LEVI’S® FALL/WINTER 2012 COLLECTIONStyle/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 CollectionThe Levi’s® Fall/Winter 2012 collection is based on a refined and tailored look, for both men and women inspired by the ocean, coastal communities and their associated handcrafted tradition. The essence of the collection is in its refined intention and tailored head-to-toe looks melding craftsmanship, honesty and authenticity. All this while honoring tradition, defying convention, redefining the norm and re-crafting and re-creating iconic Levi’s® styles.
The CollectionThe ritual of dressing for the task at hand is as old as humanity, and it’s something the Levi’s® brand has always understood. Now available in exclusive Levi’s® stores across India, the new Fall/Winter 2012 collection is made for those who get dressed each morning with purpose, with the intention and optimism to make a positive difference in the world. 
Style/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection
Style/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection
The men’s collection offers classic yet contemporary head-to-toe looks built around refined styles with sharp clean aesthetics, tailored to perfection. The key item for men this season is the reconstructed classic 5-pocket jean. The jean, first introduced by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, has evolved through the years improving with age. Driven by a commitment to craftsmanship,this fall, the brand will re-introduce the classic 5-pocket jean with a host of upgraded features.
In addition to the re-crafted classic 5-pocket jeans, the brand is launching the range of Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ pants in India. Originally introduced in the 1960’s, when Levi Strauss & Co. found a way to give a permanent, sharp front crease to non-denim pants, Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ pants became the rage across America almost overnight. Now they're back, and just as sharp. Designed to keep a permanent front crease, you get that new, first-wear look every time – without all the work.
Style/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection
Style/Trend Alert - Levi's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection I am digging this look!!
The overall style of the women’s collection is classic and refined with a clean, tailored aesthetic and pronounced femininity. The key silhouette for women this season is the Bootcut Skinny, which the Levi’s® brand has completely reinvented. No longer your mother’s bootcut denim, this season will see the launch of this new take on a classic – a sexy, modern skinny fit making you think differently about the bootcut.
In addition to the Bootcut Skinny, the brand is launching a feminine tailored dress collection. These tastefully crafted garments give a subtle nod to the idea of femininity but thoughtfully leave it open for interpretation. The Levi’s® Dress Collection includes several new denim and non-denim dress styles in a variety of fabrications including light, effortless knits, cotton-linens and soft chambrays.
As part of Levi Strauss & Co.’s profits through principles approach, sustainability is embedded throughout the collection, with the use of WaterTMtechniques and sustainable finishes playing a prominent role this season.
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