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Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

Strings: A Love Story by Megan EdwardsStrings by Megan Edwards
Published by IMBRIFEX BOOKS on September 17th 2017
Genres: Classical, Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Genres & Styles, Music, Romance
Pages: 167
Format: Paperback

The Merino Rose. Ted Spencer has a hard enough time believing the celebrated violin really exists. To find it sitting on his coffee table is nothing short of incredible. The stuff of legend, the exquisite Guarnerius has been missing for centuries. But even though the renowned instrument is a violin lover’s dream come true, it holds only heartache for Ted. The value of the Merino Rose may be beyond measure, but he has acquired it at too high a cost. Ted found his soul mate when he met Olivia de la Vega his senior year in high school. In the school’s production of Camelot, Ted was cast as Lancelot, Olivia as Guenevere. They should have spent their lives together but strings got in the way—family ties, career objectives, and the tangled web of fate. Will the Merino Rose bring the two star-crossed lovers together at last, or will their love always remain the melancholy sound of distant violins?

I was recently contacted by email regarding Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards.  Since it sounded like a great story, I agreed to read an advance copy of the book, and share it with my readers so here goes…………

The story follows the lives of Ted Spencer and Olivia de la Vega over decades of time. The story is narrated by Ted, which I have to say was a nice change of pace from a lot of the stories I read which are usually narrated by the woman.  It was great to get a better feel for the man’s perspective.  Anyway, they met in Ted’s senior year at a California boarding school back in the 1960’s and became soulmates. Ted comes from money and Olivia is the cleaning lady’s daughter. They planned to spend their lives together but then things changed due to issues with family ties (aka meddling parents) and issues with Ted’s music both get in the way.

Then, flash forward to a time where the two of them are both in the middle of their careers, when they meet again in New York City. Ted and Olivia rekindle their love and realize that they never fell out of love at all.  Unfortunately, circumstances do not provide for them to be together due to family commitments and career ambitions. Their unrequited love must once again fall to the wayside for various reasons.

Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards

Anyway, “strings” isn’t just family ties – it’s violin strings and the story of a long-lost Stradivarius that reappears after being missing for centuries, and our protagonist, Ted is a violin examiner.  I don’t write spoilers, but I want to tell you that there’s much more than a love story in this book. There’s actually a hint of mystery that keep me turning pages from cover to cover.  

And I’ll be honest, even though the book is a very quick read, I stalled out the time it actually took to read the book thanks to the fact that I chose to listen to the musical selections in the story each time one was mentioned.  It made for a very beautiful story musically and literally. I could totally see this story being a Hallmark or Lifetime movie – no kidding. I wonder if the publishers are pushing for that to happen as I type…..

Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I live and write in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I never dreamed I’d call Sin City home, but when I arrived at the end of 1999 to do a little research for a book, I fell in love with the city beyond the neon and and never left. Actually, I love the neon, too. In fact, I’m crazy about the whole place — quirks, warts, super-hot summers, and all! I write about “real life in the shadow of the Strip” for, but what I like best is crafting fiction set here. My new novel, STRINGS: A LOVE STORY, will hit stores & sites in September, 2017. It’s available for pre-order now.

I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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