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Strawberry Fairy Dancing

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Strawberry Fairy DancingIt's no secret that today is Concert Day with my eldest daughter Mimi performing in her first ever Ballet performance... that's her picture from yesterday's dress rehearsal - the one with her arms on her hips while everyone else has their hands above their heads... hmmm... but who can complain; all those luscious little strawberry-fairy babies prancing around out of time on stage seems to sum up childhood perfectly; trying to learn the rules, dance in time with the rest of the world while still being true to your inner tune...
If nothing else, yesterday reiterated the importance of organisation.  It's a Sunday so I won't lecture - but please - if you're hosting a party, plan ahead a little, create at least a sort-of programme for the order of events.  Be flexible by all means, but remember that as important as your party is, people are busy these days, they're being generous sharing their time with you - use it wisely and gratefully.
Now off you go - pop some music on and dance with your family - it's fun!

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