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Stranded at Lukla

Posted on the 04 November 2011 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
Stranded at Lukla A photo I took last year whilst in the Everest region - it's getting busy now though!
According to reports around 2,000 people are stranded in Lukla, the airport that acts as the gateway to the Everest region of Nepal, after poor weather and cloudy conditions have kept planes firmly on the ground. This halt in flights has now lasted 5 days; I was stranded myself for 2 days in Lukla a year ago - I know what these people are going through - our remedy turned out to be the Irish Pub and a healthy helping of Everest beer...
Food is said to be running low as hotels are over booked with people waiting to leave this beautiful, breathtaking region - the BBC says that guides have been found to be sleeping outside in order for their clients, paying a hansom fee I'm sure, to sleep in the comfort of a bed. Luckily I was there at a quieter time in the season; food and accommodation were not so sought after.
Find out more in the BBC report: Trekkers stranded by bad weather on Mount Everest (slight exaggeration - they're not stuck on Everest!)

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