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Stormy Weather Lessons: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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The rain is thrashing the outside of my house as I type this – I can hear it pelting the windows and ringing the wind chimes. I am snug inside with electricity, heat, my computer and a cup of tea.

Rage on I say – the weather can only affect my mood if I allow it.

This is the same with people.

Some are stormy people – and everything is a crisis, bad, getting worse and unfair. Blow hard is a description that fits these types. Rage on if you like – outside my wonderful warmth.

Drippy, droopy is another type – they spend considerable amounts of time being down in the mouth – another apt description – and the persistent pessimism can affect even the sunniest disposition – if we let it.

Just like the blow hard people – they are better left outside your circle –

The weather is the weather – people are people – and you are the only thing you have any control over. So let things rage outside – and you can keep your calm, your happiness, your spirit simply by choosing it so.

Isn’t that the greatest news?

Weather reports may be good to know if you dress for the weather – however a sunny disposition is the best apparel a person can have – put it on today, be the light – reap the rewards!

Lessons to help you shine here:

Blessings, Shawna

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