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Stop Waiting for SOMEDAY

By Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne

Stop waiting for SOMEDAY


"Someday, I'll...."
How many times have you started a sentence this way?  Have you pushed things to the back burner, like forever? Do you understand that...
You waste your entire life waiting?
You wait for Sundays. You wait for summer. You always wait for the next big thing to come, the degree, the job, the partner, the time, the money. You wait because you tell yourself that you don't have the budget to travel, that you don't have time because of your job.
So you wait. Wait for the ideal situation to get away. 
Waiting for things to get settle down at work. 
Waiting to save enough to go out on a tour. 
Waiting to be happy.
Waiting for someone to fall in love with you.
Waiting for this...
Waiting for that...
Waiting for someday...
"Someday" is a brilliant sense of false hope you give to yourself to procrastinate. Although waiting can teach you a lot about patience and discipline, it can also mean that you're living in denial. You wait for an ideal situation that will never come.
Someday won't come. Someday can't come because it doesn't exist. It never had. It's a warm comforting blanket of illusion that you wrap yourself with to give a million excuses to not do the things today. 
If you realize that someday could be any day...
It can be today. It's the only day that matters, the only day your future depends on. 
Life doesn't wait until you're ready. You take a chance or you miss. At the end of the day, here would always be risk involved in anything you undertake. You're not 100% ready for anything in life and you don't have to be. You grow into whichever path you take.
You waste your entire life waiting, but what are you really waiting for? 
The clock is ticking.
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