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Stok Kangri Trek

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
Stok Kangri Trek Sama and Indul Trek within Leh, Ladakh is amongst the most sought after trekking circuit
in Kashmir the mountain ranges and the passes of greater Himalaya that whispers the glory with the cloud clears the way which in turn would allows adventure lover (especially trekkers) to measure the height of Stok Kangri which is located at an elevation of around 6020 m.


Day 01: Arrive Delhi 

Day 01 starts with your arrival at Delhi if you are not from here or else you can travel straight to Leh by flight. After reaching here traveler would run to their respective hotel to take a rest for a day or can arrange a straight walk to Leh if it is pre-booked and pre-meditated. During the time of evening traveler can take a walk to enjoy the brilliance that surrounds the capital state of India. 

Day 02: Delhi - Leh by Flight 

Day 02 start with a gentle whisker of Morning and after having quick mean trekker would travel the site of Leh by which is located at a distance of around 1,237.8 km. after your advent here you would meet with your tour and trek representative and then you would hop back to your respective hotel to take a rest.

Day 03: Leh - Stok 

Day 03 starts with a breakfast and after grabbing a quick meal trekkers would board their respective vehicle to reach Stok which is located at a distance of around 13 km and would take approximately 30 minutes to travel the entire distance. 

From Stok the trekking trail would come into picture and the very first session starts with the trail towards Mankarmo which is located at a distance of around 4 km. After you reach the site traveler would fall back to their respective base camp and would call of the day for trekking trails of tomorrow.

Day 04: Base Camp - Summit (Stok Kangri - 6020 M)

Day 04 begins with an early breakfast and then they would start traveling towards the summit which is located at an elevation of around 6020 m and to reach here trekkers would require walking for 9 to 10 hours. After reaching here traveler can buy a time to sense the victory of their determined march and can take a privilege to view the glory of majestic peaks that surrounds the site of Karakoram Range. 

After taking a breather for a while it’s time for us to trek down the distance which would take around 2 to 3 hours to reach the base camp. At Base camp traveler would call of their day and would set their camp to spend their night.

Day 05: Base Camp - Stok - Leh 

Day 05 starts with a fresh walk towards the Stok and after reaching here which would take around 3 to 4 hours traveler can rest for a while and can grab an occasion to stroll around the Kings Palace and museum where they would have an opportunity to understand the history of late 80s. 

After strolling here for couple of hours traveler can run down to Leh by boarding a car and after their arrival here they would be transfer to their respective hotels where they will rest their night for a breaking dawn of morning.

Day 06: Leh – Delhi

Day 06 terminates your trekking trails because after grabbing quick feast traveler would run down to their respective destination or travels down to Delhi from where they would board the service of vivid transportation to reach their destinations.

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