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Still Eating

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Still EatingIt's no secret that your Mum was telling the truth when she said; "if you eat too much sugar you'll make yourself sick."  Well, it may be true, but the definition of 'too much' is open to interpretation... besides, I think it's completely reasonable to eat left over biscuits for sustenance while cleaning up after the party's over.
That's a bit of a lame excuse, given that there's not much cleaning left to do... in fact, I'm already thinking of ideas for the 'next big thing'.  I'm assembly scraps of wrapping paper to cut up and turn into decoupage, what exactly I'll decoupage I'm not sure yet.  I've flattened a few of the chocolate gold coin wrappers, because they're the perfect size for fake 'wax seals' on envelopes.  Lastly, I've set aside the one left over cellophane gift bag from teh aquarium keepsakes I've blogged before so I can make a tricky star-confetti-filled photo invite... I'll blog them all eventually I promise.
Little Lotti just walked up to me saying "my tummy's sore."  Oops.  I guess we just found out Lotti's threshold for party leftovers!  Either that or she's been reading over my shoulder...!!  Warm milk will fix her up and then it's off to finish eating... I mean cleaning!
PS - the photo is of the Pirate biscuits I made for Mimi's party; I simply bought two different versions of standard chocolate biscuits, and then using a white icing pen, I drew a simplistic skull and cross bones on them to replicate little Jolly Roger flags.  In the Pirate themed craft ebook there's a more detailed version, but I ran out of time and the kids loved them regardless!
Memo to self; be a perfectionist by all means; but remember kids just want to eat chocolate.

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