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Stigma Rears Its Ugly Head …..

By Gran13

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As I have said quite often in blogs, stigma is a harsh reality and prevents people from enjoying productive lives. Most people today still feel uncomfortable about mental health issues despite the fact that there is growing evidence that more and more people are developing this type of problem. Due to the stigma, some prefer to suffer in silence rather than seek the help they so desperately need.

  • Stigma is about disrespect
  • Stgma is about the negative use of labels.
  • Stigma is about discrimination
  • Stigma is about social exclusion
  • Stigma forces some families to hide their ill relative who has done nothing more than become ill.

 Mental illness affects people from all walks of life and they suffer as much as if not more than those with physical problems. Chances are that you might know someone who is suffering from a mental health problem like anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, drug or alcohol abuse, bipolar illness or schizophrenia. Remember! Today’s medications are very different from those that our son, David was given so many years ago with the result that there is more hope today than ever before.

  • My wish to everyone is – be well and stay well.

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