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Steps to Finishing Basement and Renovation Process

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

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By: Don Zilleri

Having a space in basement of the house is as an extra piece of property to explore. Renovating a basement and finish it has many different purpose. The improvement of this extra space and turning it into a usable property, can greatly increase the property and house value. The good part of basement renovation is that all pluming and electrical needs are already in place.

Steps to renovate a basement:

- Hire a consulting designer firm

The first step to upgrade the use of the basement is to establish a design and a strategic planning. Since most professional designing firms are familiar with city codes and permits, they will design according to those codes and regulation.

Communicate with the consulting designer and inform them of your decision of why you plan to renovate the basement and the reason of its use. Some Plan to turn it into an extra room and others want to make an income by making it into a separate apartment. The designers will work with the concept to turn the use of your space in the basement to integrate the purpose.

Since consulting and designer firms are working hands in hands with reputable contractor, it will save time and money.

- Hire a contractor

Now that you have the plan in place and we know how it would look like on the papers, its time to place it in the hand of quality contractors and roll the action. A general contractor has all the necessary sub-contracting man power and labor for all repair and renovation requirement. General contractors manage and control these group of sub-contractor professional and monitor their performance. It also helps saving time and money for the owner of the house and eliminate the hassle of searching for individual professionals one at a time.

It is very important to hire a general contractor for a large renovation project since they can manage the timing, scheduling and design planning for each step of the project. It save a bundle of cash for home owners to pay one invoice than to hire different handyman professional and pay separate fees.

- Planning, permits and codes

The first step a general contractor takes is to investigate and obtain all the city permits. Since you have gone through proper steps, code and planning are already in place for your finish basement design plan and all there is for the contractor is to apply for the permit.

Note: Most quality contractors know their way around the city departments and its time frame.

- Planning safety 

When deciding to renovate the basement, it is important to consult with the contractor about every detail of its process and the total time frame. This is an important step to protect your family’s health. If you plan to live in the house while the renovation of the basement is in process, practice safety and fully communicate all your concerns with the contractor. This is specially important if you have children present during the renovation. We will be covering a full list of safety while renovating in another article.

To follow proper step of renovating your basement and turn it into money making machine for your property, post your need of hiring a designer and contractor in project format and get connected to qualified local service professionals. You can also share your project in social media and get plenty of trustworthy recommendation from friends.

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