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Step into the Flow…

By Intuitivepsychology @DocIntuitive

stepping-into-waterSitting late at night at the computer staring at the screen and waiting for the light to shine into your heart. Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting. Wondering what might spur you on. Eager for that little flash of brilliance to enter your brain and light it up like one of those old arcade pinball machines. Ding, Ding, Whiz, Bang, Beep…free ball earned! Yay! Trying so hard to catch a glimpse of inspiration, or at least creative insight. And then you stop. You open up. You look away from the screen and you let your fingers move on their own. You disengage your brain and allow your mind and your heart to plug in. Your fingers just writing down the words as they come to you without thought. In the present moment with each word that comes to life. Not quite sure where the next word is coming from, but just along for the ride. Seeing where it takes you. Your fingers moving faster and faster as you write. The words flowing from somewhere deep inside…or do they? Maybe coming from somewhere deep outside, connecting to the deep inside you?  Your brain transformed into a beautiful receiver of the intuitive flow. Not questioning for now, just allowing the whole process to move forward. Not controlling. Not directing. Just observing in amusement what comes next. Smiling at the marvel which is your mind in communication with something beyond yourself. Our creativity in action. Letting go of judgments for the moment. Just allowing it all to flow for right now. Getting out of your own way. Enjoying the creative process, alive and dancing with a life of its own. Wanting to write forever. Lost in the moment. Happy to be alive with the beautiful life force and energy that allows you to create. Remembering. There is no perfect inspiration needed…just the flow of the infinite reservoir of life. Waiting for you to step into it, unafraid, happy for the ride, wherever your heart decides to take you. It’s always there waiting for you to tap into it. Available to all who will recognize that is there and who will open up to it. A whole world available to us if we simply let go and surrender to flow of it all. Will you?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

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