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Step By Step Tips On How To Change Your Home Insurance Policies

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa
By Adeyemi Adisa - April, 18th 2014

Home insurance is an absolute necessity for all home owners. Its importance usually comes to the fore after the occurrence of incidents like fire, floods or typhoons among others.

The extensive damages caused to the home by these tragedies are usually of a huge magnitude. The process of rebuilding the home is normally tedious and requires huge financial investments.

However, thanks to home insurance, home owners can undertake a rebuilding process for their homes without any worries about its financial implications.

The fact that home insurance policies are in high demand has resulted in the emergence of many insurance providers.

This means that home owners can choose from a vast array of home insurance firms. They have the liberty of selecting the companies that charge affordable premiums.

The existence of many insurance providers is also beneficial since people can change their home insurance covers if they so desire. This is a simple process that consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Examining the existing policy

Home owners must read their existing policies to understand if they normally get their full worth. Reading the policy will help them come to terms with the implications of cancelling it.

For instance, those who have not paid premiums beforehand would have to continue doing so for the entire term of the policy. This would negate any desire to cancel it. In this instance, it would be wise for them to wait for the expiry of these policies before undertaking a different one.

Step 2: Shopping for quotes

The next task involves the search for insurance quotes from different home insurance firms. The Internet can be a useful resource in this regard since it has various websites that provide these quotes.

This way, those who want to change their policies can decide on the company that offers the best quotes. Alternatively, they can seek the assistance of insurance agents who will provide them with various quotes from numerous firms.

Step 3: Selection of an insurance provider

After obtaining the insurance quotes, home owners will be in a good position to select their new insurance provider. The logical thing to do is to select the best firm that satisfies their needs.

The perfect insurance provider will also be the one that measures up to the financial capabilities of the insured. The selection process is followed by the arrangement of the day when the new policy becomes effective. It would be convenient to make it effective upon the expiry of the current policy.

Step 4: Notification to the previous insurance provider

The old insurance company ought to know that the home owner wants to terminate his or her association with them. This notification should be sent immediately after enacting the new policy.

It can be sent via an insurance agent or in writing to the home insurance firm. As per the conditions of the policy, one has the right to seek a refund of the premiums they had paid thus far. In some instances, the firm would issue a response notifying their old client about any arrears on his or her old policies.

Step 5: Completion of paperwork

The new policy would only become active after the homeowners sign all the paperwork. They must also ensure that they understand all underwriting requirements and adhere to them.

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