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Stem Cells a Boon for Your New Born Baby

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Health_news

Stem cells a boon for your new born baby

What are Stem cells?

God has gifted us with a boon to create more and more human beings on this Earth. The power within a human being is way ahead then our imaginations. While the mother is pregnant, she is the only person who is really in contact with her baby. A father is always secondary when it comes to physical contact. A mother can feel and sense what her baby is going through. The bond between a mother and baby happens due to an umbilical cord which connects both of them.

Stem Cells are the most precious mother cells that have strong capabilities of converting or developing any new cell in body. These cells hold the property of renewing on their own. Stem cells can contribute by becoming the cells of brain, bones, heart, muscles, skin, blood, etc…

How can you make your baby feel special with these stem cells?

Stems cells are indeed the most precious cells in our body. It is indeed a boon or gift to one’s baby. By preserving these stem cells for life long, the baby can be made relieved of any problem coming in future. Due to less immunity and growth in the number of diseases, the generation today is becoming very sensitive.  Currently stem cells have become one of the most researched subjects for the medical scientists. Researchers have found the power of stem cells beyond imagination. It is being speculated that in the coming years, stem cells will be capable of treating problems like cerebral palsy, heart failure, diabetes, chronic ailments and heart diseases.

 The Stem cells present in the cord is simply a beautiful gift for one’s baby. This is a gift which will help him or her for lifelong. Today, numerous expecting parents are planning to preserve mother’s stem cells with stem cells bank post delivery.  The cord blood stem cells have proved to a promising and regenerative source for  repairing the body on its own. Stem cell transplants are being promoted highly targeting expecting parents. The cord blood stem cells are preserved very safely with the stem cells bank. These stem cells can be used for lifetime. Once, these new born stem cells are preserved safely with the bank, there are no chances of them getting expired. They are always ready to be used irrespective of any stage in life.

 Currently, stem cells are majorly utilized over successful bone marrow transplants. Cord Blood stem cells is very essential and only beneficial source for transplanting bone marrow easily. Stem cells have helped millions of medical institutes to carry successful transplants worldwide. They help in building up a healthy and an immune body system. Currently, stem cells have become a hope for many people. The baby whenever grows up and moves ahead in life will be relived and will be capable to face any problem if ever exists.

 The baby’s cord blood stem cells are not only beneficial for him or her but it can benefit any family member matching with the blood group. It can also aid in treating the sibling or extended family members.

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