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Stay With Sam's Stunner ...

Posted on the 26 March 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Sam Smith really can't do anything wrong. Every single track that he lays his vocal upon turns to musical gold, and in his new single, Stay With Me, it is quite the same. We can't say that we agree with every lyric in there, but all in all, it's an absolute belter that will leave its mark on absolutely everyone whom listens.
Stay With Sam's Stunner ...He's evidently focussing more-so on his love ballads now that he has managed to breakthrough into the market with hit single, Money On My Mind. It's a lot slower, a lot more meaningful, and a lot more precious in how it comes across.
The beat is very important and right from the start. It's not very powerful, but it really sets the tone, and allows the piano really to take the lead - Sam comes in, and his vocal is slightly higher than what you may have come used to.
The chorus, which comes as an absolutely beautiful surprise, includes a choir whom back him up at the most crucial points. The words, as we said, aren't quite what we'd want to hear, but then again it can be very relatable to some, and it comes across quite brilliantly nonetheless.
There really isn't much like Sam on the market at the moment, and he's really hit the nail on the head with his versatility, his talent, and his presence ... there's a likability about everything that he does, and it doesn't fade away with this wonderful tune.

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