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Stay True to Yourself... Your Conscience...

By Misslara16 @misslara

Stay true to yourself... Your conscience...
So recently a video went viral, it was a 'vox pop' asking Nigerian Girls how many boyfriends they felt it was OK to have at the same time. Responses ranged from 6 boyfriends to 2 and they had a model for their functions and how to manage them. I hadn't recovered from the shock and dismay when the male version dropped. This just goes to show how morally decadent our society is and how things that aren't normal are now treated as good things. The things one should be ashamed about are now trendy. Morals in the world is on a downward spiral and values we all learnt are fast fading away, that inspired me to do this post. If people stay true to their consciences and with the effect of God in their life we can build a society that understands that decadence is not a trend and that decency is worth having.
Keep a clear conscience before God and man
Hold on the truth of your faith
A clear conscience equals peace Proverbs 3;21-26
Stay true to yourself
God is a great factor in keeping a clear
Conscience. its the God in your heart. Hebrews 9;14
Good thing is, it doesn't matter how guilty your conscience is, God can take care of you make you new.
Our conscience is a big part of our existence we should try/ strive to keep it alive, it helps put us in check.

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