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By Rubytuesday
I check my statistics from time to timeTo see if anyone is reading my blogAnd so see which posts get the most hitsThis blog gets anywhere from 300 - 100 views a dayI have no idea if this is a lotOr a littleOr if it's averageIt's nice to know that people readBut sometimes it can be a bit disconcerting knowing that this many people are reading my words The aim of my blog is to tell the truth about what it's like to live with addiction and disordered eating And I do so as honestly as I can
I love writing this blogAnd it wouldn't bother me much of I had one view a dayOr a million views a dayIt's a hobbySomething I do every dayIt's not part of my routineAnd I really would be lost without it
I was wondering about youAnd your blog What are your statistics like?Do you check them often?Does it bother you if they are low or High?Do they spike after a particular post?Would you mind if someone you knew read your blog?I'd love to know.....

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