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Starting a Home Recycling Plan

Posted on the 04 October 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Recycling is something that everyone can participate with to help conserve our natural resources and protect the environment for future generations. There are a number of steps to be successful at recycling, but the truth is you can make a difference just by recycling things around your house.

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The best way to begin recycling is to cut down on waste in your home. Using regular dinnerware, not paper plates, and rags, sponges or towels instead of paper towels will lessen waste and encourage recycling in other areas. Many everyday containers can be used in other ways. An empty coffee container is excellent storage for anything from sewing supplies to used motor oil. Many prepackaged foods come in air tight containers that work well for leftovers or transporting lunches. There are many items that, with a little imagination, can be recycled for another use in the home.

A recycling bin would be the next step in your plan. Many municipalities have their own blue recycling programs and will provide you with a bin and a list of acceptable recyclables such as plastic, newspaper, glass, aluminum and cardboard. The list also includes how the recyclables need to be prepared (rinsing, removing labels, etc.) If your town or city does not provide a recycling program, you may want to invest in a number of small bins, one for each type of recyclable. Every person in a family should be educated on how and what to recycle, and be held accountable for their part. If you have a larger home, having the recycle bins in different locations may make recycling easier and serve as a reminder.

c300322 m Starting a Home Recycling Plan

Recycle Reuse Reduce - help fill that blue bin

If you are participating in a municipal recycling program, your recycling may be picked up weekly. If this is not the case, however, you will need to inquire as to the nearest recycling facility. Checking with this facility will give you the information on how your recycling should be prepared and whether they provide a pickup service or if you will need to transport it to the facility.

Learning to recycle takes time and energy, but like any good habit, it is well worth the effort. About70% of the waste that is buried underground in landfills could have been recycled. As more and more goods are manufactured from recyclables, the number of items being recycled will need to increase to keep up with the demand for them. So help the Environment and do your part. Reduce Recycle Reuse.

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