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Standing Up Against ISIS

Posted on the 04 February 2015 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

As an American, a person, a human being I stand against ISIS, and against extreme Islamists!  I stand with Jordan, Japan, and all other nations dealing with the atrocities of ISIS. I condemn ISIS for their actions, and call for the death of all ISIS members!  This last display of the barbaric burning of a Jordanian pilot will mean the end of ISIS. They have hung themselves with a rhetoric rope. The world will not, cannot stand for this type of war crime. And, I see the world cringing over the terror ; loading the streets demanding revenge. ISIS is on borrowed time.

However, I believe Obama has once again dropped the ball when it comes to leading this country and the fight against this cancer named ISIS. His lack of action speaks of what kind of American he is not! He’s no leader. He’s an enabler. I condemn his lack of actions, and call for his resignation NOW! The world needs a leader! A person who will take all measures to make sure this group of barbaric thugs are eradicated!  

Additionally, I call for the immediate control of our borders. Any Congress person, or leader who does not take same stance will NEVER get my vote! I’m ashamed of my administration to say the least!

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