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Stamping Organza Bags

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Stamping Organza BagsIt's no secret that some craft ideas are obvious in hindsight.  Don't ask me why, but I only thought about stamping organza bags a few days ago while thinking of a way to finish off a wedding keepsake.
The how-to couldn't be simpler; 
  • Purchase organza bags in a size and color to suit your needs.
  • Choose a stamp that suits your theme.
  • Select an ink color which is dark (red, navy blue, dark green or black all work well).
  • Place a piece of scrap paper inside the organza bag (blank is best so you can see what you're doing).
  • Place all the bags you're going to stamp in a row on a table or bench where they can stay while they dry out (you need to leave them longer than when you stamp paper to fully dry).
  • Start stamping!
To finish these keepsakes off I made gold paper gift tags, using the same stamp (I like how the border turned into brackets), and added a golden crown sticker.  They're super sweet, fun, fast, and the results look fabulous.  Simply add your preferred contents, whether its potpourri, sweets, rice, birdseed, or Easter eggs... makes me a touch frustrated I didn't do this for my own wedding instead of hand sticking a gem to every bag, which was beautiful, but time consuming.  Hindsight's a wonderful thing...

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