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#SSUNewLaunchReport | GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches Launching in India

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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#SSUNewLaunchReport | GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches
GUESS®Watches proudly announces the debut of its new wearable tech timepiece, GUESS CONNECT. GUESS partnered with Martian WatchesTM, a California based award-winning developer of fashionable smartwatches, to deliver a multi-function, fashion chic smartwatch line, designed for men and women. Fashioned after its global best-selling style called RIGOR, this boldly styled smartwatch is powered by Martian technology that is updateable and replaceable to keep GUESS CONNECT watches fresh and relevant for years to come. 
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The GUESS CONNECT smartwatches will incorporate Martian’s Dual Mode functionality, simultaneously offering voice command functions via Classic Bluetooth while utilizing Bluetooth LE to provide hands-free and eyes-free notifications to the wrist from thousands of popular apps and programs. By uniquely housing a fully-contained Martian module that sports a microphone and clear audio speaker, the GUESS CONNECT allows users to connect to their smartphone’s resident voice command app, so wearers can give voice commands, talk and listen, and respond to texts and emails directly from the watch. In addition, using the free iOS & Android App, users can customize which notifications are received on the watch, create unique vibration patterns to distinguish between alert types, and recall the most recent notifications with just a tap of the watch glass. While fashion still drives most watch purchases today, GUESS recognizes the value and importance of also providing smart, high-tech value on the wrists of their young, sexy, and adventurous buyers. The marriage of this fashion powerhouse with a leading smartwatch developer may become the first fashion smartwatch to be distributed through both the worldwide fashion watch channel and the consumer electronic.
#SSUNewLaunchReport | GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches
#SSUNewLaunchReport | GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches
#SSUNewLaunchReport | GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches Launching in India

For The Shopaholic In You

GUESS CONNECT Smartwatches are launching in India later this year. Stay tuned to the blog for future news on this.
Which GUESS CONNECT you are eyeing on? ( I sigh whenever I look at the teal blue one)
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