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By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc

Handy Tips on Buying in a Super Market

I am an independent girl, own a house, do all household chores myself and do most of the shopping on my own. I am still learning how to curb that fit I start getting the moment I hit market/supermarket. I feel like eveything I need and if I let it go, I would never get it again. But I have learnt too and that helps me a lot in saving money and time. So here are some tips I am going to share with you all:
1- Decide only one day in a week for your bulk household shopping and ensure that you visit your known supermarket. You'll save petrol too.

(everyone does the same. But some of us feel like checking out new supermarkets that we saw on the way home. We don't realize but we waste our time in sorting out different bays for spices, toothpastes, oils, shower items etc.) 2- Make a list and stick to it. (Even then we end up picking two to three stuff extra but yet, list makes us stray less) 3- Take a look at that new packaging of your favorite sauce, shampoo, shower gel, oil, dishwasher gel etc. Manufacturers are actually making a thick bottom, or changing the size the way that it weighs the same but with less product. It always isn't the case but it's definitely worth spending some attention to. 4- Try buying spices and flours at your local store instead of a super market. They give you fresh not packed spices. You also have an option to buy something less than buying more and wasting it. Due to weather conditions we end up throwing stuff in bin. 5- Best time to shop is mid-week. Try going bfore it's noon during weekends.
Following these rules have really helped me in saving time and money. I have visited the following supermarkets so far:
Spencer  - Sector 25 Market (Near Spice Mall) Vishal Mega Mart  - Ansal's (Ghaziabad) BigBazaar  - The Great india Place (Sector-18, NOIDA) 365-store  - Amar Colony (Lajpat Naagr, New Delhi) RelianceFresh  - Amar Colony (Lajpat Naagr, New Delhi)

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