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Sprung and Still Around

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Sprung and still around

Becks looks rather pleased with himself in this shot – wouldn’t you say?

Well why wouldn’t we? He’s got the dream life. His missus is one of the sexiest ex pop stars in the biz, famous for sporting ‘the little Gucci dress’, four ill-named celebrity-style kidlets and a new multi-million dollar football contract dropping at his feet as each month passes.

Team that with complete global adoration and the ability to get away with countless sidebar shag after shag – and you’ve got yourself one very happy English chappy.

Oh I know what you’re thinking. “You can’t proooove that he’s cheated! What do you know?!” Well you can cut the whingy voice this second for a start! I only consort with adults, you smarty pants little so and sos. Although I have no physical evidence that Becks has been doing the nasty with a fair chunk of the female population, It’s been my experience that there is an element of truth to everything. What you read in the paper may not be the facts in their purest form, but even if it was the truth, celebrities always seem to have a get out of jail free card.

My point in all this dear friends is that I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Becks has definitely done the dirty at least a few times (though I think we’re talking lottery-style figures personally), Posh probably knows it too – so why, tell me why is Becks still around?

To me, there is no greater humiliation than being cheated on. It’s one of the deepest running betrayals you can experience. It’s the type of thing that imprints in you and doesn’t really leave you – it changes you however small the degree.

My mantra has always been if you feel like your eyes are more wandering than they are focused, you really shouldn’t be in a relationship. It’s not a judgement against you – very few people get into relationships at the right time for them, and are then put into situations where they meet someone they are actually ready to be with and end up hurting the person they’re with at the time – someone they do actually care about and don’t want to hurt. That part kind of is your fault – you didn’t have to cheat, you could have split up with your partner first, you slimy little worm, you.

The fact is we all know whether we have the capacity to cheat. It’s quite simple, I’m not going to baby you while i stroke your back and coo… if you’re not sure you wouldn’t cheat then you’re not with the right person. Fact. Simple. So it’s in your best interest to keep looking for someone who makes you want to keep your eyes more focused, less wandering, because they’re out there, yadig? My hard-hitting question to you is, whether or not you have the capacity to cheat – do you have the capacity to be cheated on?

As in, if your partner was either sprung, or fessed up to a bit of fooling around, could you forgive and forget? would you be able to drop the safety net and move on if you found you couldn’t live with it? Could you keep him/her around and live with the embarrassment? The humiliation of the hurt? I don’t think I could. Which is why half of me so admires the women/men who can look at The Bigger Picture – and move on with their lives post-mistake, and the other half simply wants to bat them over the head with a Jamie Oliver fry pan (their non-scratch you see…)

Sprung and still around




What do you think about partners who keep their cheating spouses around?

Do you think it’s a fear of loneliness that kicks in?

Or a fear of the new and the unknown?

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