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Why He Doesn’t Want to Be with You

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon


Have you ever wondered why the guy you have serious feelings for doesn’t want to commit to you?

Okay, let’s go back a step.

You’ve been enjoying some seriously fun between-the-sheets action for quite a while, he even texts you boyfriendy-type things, but when it comes right down to it, he just doesn’t want to sign off on a label.

You were cool with this at first, I mean, you probably didn’t want the label either. That was, until you discovered that he’d rather call it quicks than adopt any type of label that might stick.

What was wrong with you? Why didn’t he want you to take on his last name? Were you that un-girlfriend-like?

The answer is almost definitely, nothing, because he’s an idiot and NO!

If this is a guy you’ve grown up with, or had in your group of friends for a while, odds are you’re well engrained within the group and this could mean a couple of things. Either you’ve had dalliances with other guys in the group, (you know, over time – not in one night!) and he can’t handle it – or there’s something amiss about dating a girl that all his friends know. As in, he can’t tell too many porkies about what the two of you get up to, because they know you, and that’s just weird. A girl that none of his mates know is much more intriguing, far more mysterious.

So, what do you do in this situation?

Well, you let him go.

Don’t click away just yet. You do have a choice, you can stick around and always deal with the bullshit that comes with his insecurity about dating you – or you can walk away, let him realize what an amazing thing he’s missing and come crawling back. “But what if he doesn’t?” I can hear you ask.

Well if he doesn’t, then it’s his loss. At the end of the day it’s his insecurities and his issues that are holding him back, and that’s not your problem – and probably something you can’t fix. The truth is, he’ll probably always find something wrong with any girl that crosses his path because he’s either a) too worried about what his friend think, b) unable to handle your past or c) constantly on the hunt for something ‘better’. All of which are due to his own insecurities and bound to leave him totally and utterly alone.

My advice? Find a guy that knows how lucky he is and focus on making him happy. You’re too good to go to waste.





What do you think of guys that are afraid to commit?

Have you ever had a guy fail to commit to you for a stupid reason?

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