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Sprint: iPhone 4S

Posted on the 19 January 2012 by Adamhuet @AdamHuet
Sprint is doing a good job of advertising the fact that they now sell an iPhone that works on their network and the commercials are great. I use great very loosely though, in this commercial there are some factors that bother me.

Did you catch the mistakes? Don't worry if you didn't, one is a simple wording error and the other is not commonly known.
"There are over a half a million apps on the iPhone." I don't know about your iPhone, but I know on mine, which is the 16 Gb version, I don't have half a million apps on it. I don't even think I could fit 100 apps on my phone. The fact that there are over 500 thousand apps on the App Store is a different story entirely. The simple wording error is a small mistake, but coming from a company such as Sprint, there is no reason for a mistake like this.
I want to stress the word simple on the last mistake because the other mistake is not so simple. At the end of this commercial the narrator says the line, "Truly unlimited data for your iPhone." If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago about this fact, I would have agreed with it but I recently learned that Sprint no longer offers 'truly' unlimited data. Their CEO Dan Hesse said himself that they throttle, or control, the top 1% and how much data they use. Even though they are only throttling 1% of their users, they are still throttling their users and saying in their commercial that they are offering 'truly unlimited data' is false advertising at its finest.
Besides these two unfortunate mistakes, the rest of the commercial has a lot of quality to it and has a great ending. A majority of the commercial is showing a fraction of the variety of apps that the iPhone can use, which shows how great of a phone it is, leading to a great selling point. The narrator then goes on to say how a user can take these apps any where they want to go and use them to their fullest with 'unlimited' data. With this layout, the two aspects of this commercial are very complimentary of each other, making a great commercial.
One of the factors that I always look for in a commercial is if there is a remembrance factor to it and that is exactly what the little kid, playing on his parent's iPhone does. It is a very common occurrence that a child is playing one his parent's phone and since this particular kid as cute as he is, that is what makes this commercial as great as it is.
I very much wanted this commercial to be as good as it could have been since they had a great layout and had a great ending on it but I can not ignore the fact that Sprint made some big mistakes. If there were no mistakes I would give this commercial an 8 or a 9 but due to the mistakes I have to only give it a 5. I don't understand how they are getting away with this false advertising and maybe it will not get aired anymore but due be warned that no company offers truly unlimited data.

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