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2012 Hyundai Azera “Talk to My Car” – Oscar Commercial

Posted on the 27 February 2012 by Adamhuet @AdamHuet

This is a wonderful commercial, in more aspects than one. It brings the old together with the new and it is just creative enough without going over the top.

At first I was a bit weary of this ad because I thought that it was going to go over the top but to my surprise it stopped when it hit the peak. Better yet, it stayed at that peak the whole way through and made for an excellent commercial overall. This is also true for the other commercial that debuted at the same time, which can be viewed here. I didn’t review that one because I felt like I have seen it before, yet it is a good commercial as well.

Even though I am too young to have seen the Tv shows that this ad was referring to, I was able to pick up on the link that they made to the three shows involving the ‘smart’ cars. This was no ordinary link they made, it was perfect due to the audience that this car will naturally appeal to and how that same audience will remember these shows from when they were first popular. The sheer creativity that this ad has in a 30 second package is amazing.

What is also amazing is that my age group and young kids will enjoy this ad as well. I am a fan because I love new technology, especially technology that is made available to the masses. Now that we get to see this technology in action is great and catches my attention.These ideas are finally made into reality and we are one step closer to being in that future time that Tv shows have been portraying for decades. And as for the younger kids, they will enjoy the simple story line that their parents, as well as mine, got to experience when they were younger. The remembrance factor is there for all ages.

Another aspect that I enjoy is how they showed off a simple technology, simple in terms of using it, in a simple way. Anyone who watched the last 10 seconds will see that dinner is only a push of a button and a sentence away. No more confusing GPS units that take forever to find their satellites and no more typing in the street address or searching for a restaurant. They made this device seem amazingly simple to use, if it actually is this simple to use is another story. Nonetheless, they made this device appealing to all ages, even the older ones who may not have a GPS already.

It is hard to not go on and on about how wonderfully simple this commercial is. The creativity was there, the remembrance was there, and the appeal was there. I have to give this a 10 out of 10. It is one of the few commercials that I wouldn’t mind watching again.


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