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Spring Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

By Roserighter @roserighter
Today is the first day it really feels like spring is in the air and that makes me anxious to get outside and get moving. A year ago I dreaded the thought of running and thought I was too big to go horseback riding and lacked the balance to go rollerblading. I spent a year weight training (along with some minimal cardio) and now I feel strong enough to tackle all of these new adventures.
The warm air reminds me that its time to focus on my new weight loss goals. This journey, for me, hasn't just been about shedding the extra pounds, but also stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new things and vowing not to sit on the sidelines anymore.
My training at the gym is a little different in the warmer weather too. We do a lot of outdoor work, including our kettlebell workouts and sled pulls. I am interested in seeing the difference in my sled pulling now, compared to when we left off back in September. I know it will be tough, but I'm also a lot stronger now. My trainer also mentioned that we will be doing sprints outside this year. I'm also anxious to do that now that I've proven it to myself that I can run. I am ready to push myself further and see what my body is really capable of.
As far as the diet, I've been following the low-carb diet for 3 weeks now. It's still going well, but the weight loss has slowed down to a crawl. I started a new supplement this week too, called Fungal Defense. It is supposed to remove bacteria, infection and parasites. The first few days I had an upset stomach after taking it, but today I am feeling better.

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