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Spring and the Turkeys

By Vickilane
Spring  and the Turkeys
The blue head means that Tom is in the mood for love. . .or maybe lust. He was over in the pasture, wheeling in slow circles and  putting on a mighty show -- plumped up, wing and tail feathers displayed. 
Spring  and the Turkeys
Eight turkey hens were a little ways off, totally ignoring him as they looked for good stuff to eat.Spring  and the Turkeys
He was so elegant and handsome . . . and they were so unimpressed.
Spring  and the TurkeysThis went on for about forty five minutes. Eventually all but one hen disappeared into the woods. The one hen moved closer to Tom, who was still doing his slow Kabuki dance. She didn't look at him but she got closer .. . before disappearing into the brambles lower down.  At which point, so did Tom.I hope that all that blue face and fancy featherwork did the job.Spring  and the Turkeys

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