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Spread Eagle

By Brisdon @shutuprun

This was a very exciting weekend.

On Saturday night Ken and I went to the downtown thriving metropolis of Longmont, Colorado. We sat at a bar and had nachos and beer (well, I had wine because I am very sophisticated) and watched the Christmas parade. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve sat at a bar and had nachos. It was exhilarating. And, I’m glad I’m not back in the bar/dating scene anymore.

The woman beside us was going to the gas station across the street and offered to buy us a Mega Millions ticket (jackpot = $586 million if you are lounging under a rock). I only had a $1 (I never have cash on me). She bought us one ticket and said we owed her 10% if we won ($58.6 million – did I do that right?). She asked for my address and I told her I was homeless.

Ken and I started talking about what we would do with the money if we won. We both agreed we’d first take care of our families, college, etc. Then maybe travel, buy a house in Costa Rica, then figure out some massively amazing way to combine our love for running/fitness and charity work. Then maybe do another Ironman because those are expensive ass races.

On the way home we drove by this house up the street from us.

photo 2

Talk about overachievers.

At our house we are under-achieving. Charlie Brown would be proud.

photo 3

Sunday found us climbing thousands of feet on this trail.




Yes, my friends, that is the trail I just ran up.

It was at first icy, slick and windy. It then turned into muddy, slick and windy. We were hoping for 10 miles, but at the top of the mountain we could not find the trail under all the snow and I did not want to end up like that poor family in Nevada, so we headed down. We did a whopping 7.5 miles.

Post-Ironman, I am back to mostly running. It’s no secret that swimming is not my favorite (something about having to shave too often, then finding hair and pubes in the pool, then being cold and having to dress and undress. Not to mention all of the naked people in the locker room who try to give me advice). I love my bike, but I do not love my trainer, and it’s been way too icy and cold to be out on the roads on a bike. Running has therefore been the star of the show.

Monday: Ran 2 miles with Heidi
Tuesday: Swam 2,200 yards
Wednesday: Ran 9.5 miles on snowy trails (10F degrees)
Thursday: Off
Friday: Ran 6 miles with Heidi
Saturday: Ran 6 miles (road)
Sunday: Ran 7.5 miles (trail)

Total: 31 miles (+swimming)

I am not sure what is going on here, but Heidi really should be more discreet. Not very lady like to lay spread eagle on the ground. Especially during a run.


Today I got all excited because the Fed Ex guy actually parked in my drive way.


I figured this meant he had some tremendously large gift for me, but it was just this. My GU variety mix.


The most devastating part of the whole thing was there are no salted caramel GUs in the mix. WTF GU?

Time to stop procrastinating and go do some actual work.


What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Would you still work? Do you ever play? We never play, but decided to give it a shot this time. I mean we do have a 1/259 million chance of winning, which I think are very good odds.

Favorite GU flavor? Lemon Lime.

Do you decorate your house? Over or under achiever? You know my answer.


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