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Sports Wear Shopping: Asics Gel- DS Trainer 18

By Vegsmoothiebunny
Sports Wear Shopping: Asics Gel- DS Trainer 18
So I recently mentioned that I am in training for my very first 10k next month and it's been going... really badly :/ I don't mean to sound negative but I'm not sure if running is really my thing. What I'm really trying to do is push myself on the treadmill but my knees hurt SO badly it's just really frustrating. The first 10 minutes is amazing and I feel everything everyone says about running- that's it's liberating, that I feel like I'm flying, I feel my heart pounding and in that moment I feel truly and ecstatically alive.
Then there is a twinge in my knee. and it gets worse.
3km in and the pain is starting to eat into my left knee.
4km in and my right gives in as well.
By 5km I want to die. I reluctantly pull the handle backwards to reduce the speed to a pathetic crawl of 4.0mph and the fire in my knees is temporarily doused.
I walk the rest of the 5km, frustrated and annoyed.
For the rest of the week I try not to think about running. I swing like a pendulum between meeting a goal I set for myself (i.e. striking a 10k off my bucket list) and listening to my body (Steady state cardio is not enjoyable. Weight training and Interval training is.) I always, always advocate listening to my body more than anything else but I really do want to run at least one race in my life as well.
Anyway, just wanted to write a quick shout out to all you beautiful people out there who have taken the time to FB msg me on vegsmoothiebunny's FB page or left me emails etc on running advice and diet etc for a total newbie! I really appreciate it and read each one really hungrily to devour all the new knowledge I can! One of the recurring advice was to get proper shoes.
Okay. I have to be really honest here-
I've never had an exercise regime nor have I actually ever exercised more than 2 days in a row (more like do a jog with a friend then die on the sofa for 10 days straight after kinda thing). I may know a lot about diet but exercise is really a whole new horizon!
My sports shoe are EIGHT years old. (Yes :/ The sports shoes I run in now are the very same ones I wore to JC). They are the Asics Nimbus and eight years ago I bought them at a hefty price of $250 . Since they made such a huge dent on my paltry JC allowance, I was determined that they would last FOREVER. I also didn't bother about getting them fitted. I only chose them because they met the 75% white shoe rule and had traces of pink on them. (bimbo max).
When I started running and my knees started to hurt, I thought I needed shoes with more cushioning. It was only when the pain got more severe that I went to a physiotherapist (not sharing where because I think the place is not very good).
The physiotherapist pointed out that it was time to change my shoes but did not recommend any or say anything else about the matter  (although I prodded her for more advice, she brushed me off and sent me on my way so I decided not to push the matter). Thank goodness for shoe shops that have good service!
The first place I went to was the Running Lab at Novena. The guy assessed the way I ran on the treadmill and recommended the Asics Kayano as it is a high stability shoe for over pronators. I tried the shoe on but was unconvinced as it just didn't seem to fit my needs also my foot kept shifting in the shoes.
Over the weekend D and I happened to pop by the Asics store at Marina Square and it was such a blessing! I highly recommend going to the store to get fitted for your shoes! The sales staff on duty, Louis, was a great help and we spent almost an hour there getting fitted for shoes.
The process was really simple- you stand on this mirrored stand to check if you are flat footed (I'm not) and the store assistant assesses your pronation.  
Sports Wear Shopping: Asics Gel- DS Trainer 18
You can see from the photo that my ankles curve inwards like a backward 'c' due to multiple ankle sprains that I never did anything about. Because of my weak ankles, over pronation and unsuitable shoes, my foot shifts too much and it impacts the knees making running a painful and very uncomfortable experience for me.
Sports Wear Shopping: Asics Gel- DS Trainer 18
The nimbus, that I used to wear are cushioning shoes (which I thought I needed for my knees) but they are actually for under pronators! So instead of correcting the problem, it actually made it worse!
So anyway, the point of the post is really to encourage you to get fitted for proper shoes if you are thinking of undertaking any sort of running/ exercise regime. Don't be like me and buy shoes just because 'they are pink' or pretty or think that 'well, Asics make good running shoes therefore any shoe will be great for me- let's just get the nicest looking one!'
After much hemming and hawing, I finally settled on the Ds Trainer- they fit really well for narrow feet (something I have but never considered while buying shoes. I just thought all shoes were the same width), have stability functions for over pronators and provide adequate cushioning for my knees. They are also lighter than the usual shoes for long distance running.
I've tried them for 2 weeks now and running is MUCH BETTER with them but I do still feel knee pain a couple of Kms in. Perhaps I should explore knee guards? Perhaps Kinesthetic Tape? Or...
perhaps running is just not my thing?
Haha. I'm not sure but for now, I'm just going to listen to all your advice to go slow, keep at it and enjoy myself as much as I can.
Till the next time!
Stay healthy everyone! :)
p.s I changed the laces. Don't worry, didn't wear them differently on each shoe! Haha

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