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Sponsored Video : Triumph's Stand Up For Fit 2014

By Simonea

This video made me laugh, partly because what girl can't relate to the eternal underwear debate/dilemma....comfy vs. cool?
Underwear that not only looks good but if you happened to be run over by a car or had to have emergency surgery, you wouldn't have worry about someone being horrified at the pair of knickers you'd chosen that particular day.
The right underwear is very important, you never know what the day holds....
I remember texting a friend that I was in Marks & Spencer's underwear department (where else?) & had lingered a second too long in front of what I would have once termed "granny knickers"...."move on NOW" was my friend's response, arguing that if I purchased said pair of larger-than-usual-but-oh-so-comfy-looking-pants, I would never go back to anything smaller.
I have more pairs of underwear than possibly any other item of clothing....even boots, and that's saying something. But I know I'm not alone.
I have all shapes & sizes, pairs that only go with one specific item of clothing, my wedding underwear, the Calvin Klein & Victoria's Secret knickers that I bought on my very first solo trip to NYC, you couldn't get them in London back then & I felt very cool & grown up. I don't still wear those particular pairs but I can't bring myself to throw them away.Can you be sentimental about knickers....apparently yes, you can. 
And of course, I have many bras in many sizes, not quite enough to open up my own market stall, but probably not far off.
I possess a variety of shades & fabrics & varying levels of support.
I have everyday bras, special occasion bras, favorite bras (and knickers) & my most expensive ever bra which I bought after a visit to a shop where they fitted me personally & then helped "tuck" me in to the bra, all part of the service. It's actually a lovely bra, just not my most comfortable one & one which always makes me feel a little like Madonna in the "Vogue" video.
We've all heard the statistic that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size at any one time & Triumph's Stand Up For Fit is part of their 2014 campaign - and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the bra - to fit 100,000 women & to support its customers in buying correctly fitting underwear.
Around 30% of women have apparently never had a bra fitting & Triumph is now offering, as part of its latest campaign, a free instore fitting service & also an online fitting guide.
Underwear that fits & supports you correctly can not only make you feel & look better but it can also make your clothes look way better....when was the last time you were measured?
This post has been sponsored by Triumph but all words are my own.

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