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Spoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift Idea

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
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Now that Halloween is over, ruby red balls, glittery bows and miles-long garland have taken over every retail store in the city. You can't walk a minute without a reminder that the BIG DAY is just a few weeks away. Um, I'm referring to Christmas. You know, with that jolly Coca Cola guy. Personally, I don't mind the holidays. I like the hustle and bustle of the city. Wrapping presents. The slush and swoosh after a snow fall. Turtle-neck sweaters, flannel PJ's, roaring fireplaces and hot hot cups of chocolate. What I dislike is when everyone ignores the magic in the air and instead gets caught up in pushing, shoving (shoppers), yelling (at sales people), groping (indirectly), stealing (parking spots), and letting out a communal echo, "Bah Humbug." In order to avoid this type of behaviour, I'm going to share gift ideas for the very special people on your list. When it comes to  gift giving, it isn't about the price tag, the size, or the value. It is (IMHO) about the effort. Now, there are certain no-no's for sure. Like, don't buy me a gift card (unless it's for a spa treatment). Or a book. Or a magnifying glass. Or a globe. Or a subscription to the newspaper. No, don't buy me a bowling ball like Homer did for Marge. Please put down anything that comes from Bass Pro Shop and/or implies hunting, fishing, canoeing, or snow shoeing. [Note: Above is not an indication of Hungry Husband's gifting abilities]. Where was I? Oh yes. I want to share a gift idea with you. 
Spoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift IdeaSpoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift IdeaFlavoured Olive Oil. Easy to make. Beautiful to Wrap. It's one of the best hostess gifts out there. Start with some good olive oil. Then, based on the home you're going to and their personal tastes, add flavours. If they are into spicy, then add chili flakes, mini-peppers. If they are into more Mediterranean tastes, try lemon slices, garlic and mint. I recently made one to give as a gift to a couple who had us over for brunch. They loved it.
I used Herbes De Provence, garlic, touch of mint, green onions and chili flakes. All you need is a few days for the flavours to infuse into the oil. I went to Pier 1 and bought a vintage looking bottle in red (how festive). The rest is history. I wanted to make a label but didn't get a chance. Next time.
What do you think? Lovely right?
Spoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift Idea
The oil is great for cooking or even as a dip with bread. This is what it looked like when our host opened the bottle and served it with crunchy bread.
Spoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift Idea
So go ahead and spoil the olive oil. Give it a face lift. It's a great way to express your creative side. Just don't go adding anything unusual like bacon bits (oh wait a minute!)
Spoil Your Oil: Hostess Gift Idea

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