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Spiritual Commitment

By Laurieann @laurieann14
I hope that you enjoyed yesterdays blog posting on the eating clean commitment from "A daily dose of Hitch Fit 365 days of inspiration" by Diana Chaloux-Lacerte with Micah Lacerte. Todays posting comes from the same book and it is the spiritual commitment
--Commit to praying and talking with God every day. Let Him know the things that you're thankful for the
    concerns you have, and the things you're learning through your transformation.
--Spend time daily in God's word. Engage in a daily quiet time.
--Have a positive spirit. Be upbeat and positive. Find the good in people and in situations.
--Ask God to give you strength. When  you physically feel you can't push yourself any harder, ask
   God to get you through.
--Let go of negatives. If you have negative people, situations or places that are holding you down, let them
   go and focus on the positive.
--Lean on God. When a crisis hits, you don't have to deal with it alone. Ask God for his comfort and
   guidance. He cares.
--Notice God's creation. Take joy in recognizing the beauty that He has created all around you!
--Get connected. Attend a church, small group or some other function to get to know other people
   who believe in God.
--Give back. Whether it's helping someone with a project, saying something nice to someone, or
   volunteering your time with a charity, encourage others by giving of yourself.
I hope that this is helpful. Come back tomorrow for more commitments.
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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