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Spine Tingling

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Spine tinglingSince coming back from Russia I have been struggling big style with my back. I’ve had a history of a very ‘mobile’ sacroiliac joint but 16 hours of traveling after a night partying following the long race in Russia has really caused me problems.

I think it probably stems from not warming up properly in the horrendous rain before the race and my cranks seizing forcing me to put a huge load through my pedals to keep going. That and jumping of a 3 meter wall in the days before.

I saw the Chiropractor the day after I got back in agony and I was fairly sorted during that week but then typically went and over did it last weekend both on the bike and doing some DIY. So back to square one until Tuesday when I saw them again, plus some sports massage and I am now getting much better.

The bottom line is I need to do lots more core stability work (something I am quite good at during the winter but tend to neglect through the racing season) and lots and lots of stretching.

Its amazing how the gluts particularly cause so much referred pain down the leg when in spasm.

My work colleagues have got used to me lying on the floor rolling around this week trying to stretch out the various muscles and joints. At home I am using a hard foam roll for self massage which is also good.

I am going to avoid the mountain bike for a while too when better to make sure I don’t aggravate it any more, but my last race of the season is now in two weeks time in France with all the driving that involves. Time to concentrate on getting better !

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