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Spice Things Up!

By Yonni @vegandthecity
I get this magazine at home entitled, Experience Life.  I am pretty certain I never subscribed to it, but it's all about health and fitness, so it's always nice to receive and to see what I might learn (or be reminded of, as is often the case.)
In this last issue, there was a great feature on spices.  Everyone can become tired with their menu - we get used to eat the same go-to foods - and we need to spice things up time and again. For vegans, whose options are all the more limited, spices can transform one typical ingredient into an entirely new and refreshing dish.
What is more interesting about enlivening your taste buds, are the healing or restorative properties of many of those colorful bulbs, pods, and powders we have in our pantries.  This chart below, taken from the magazine, offers a glimpse into some of those medicinal traits.
Spice Things Up!

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