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Spice Girls Impulse Spray - Do You Remember ?

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Spice Girls Impulse Spray - Do You Remember ?It was the glorious days of the 90s and the Spice Girls had exploded onto the scene in 1997 with there huge range of products ranging from Chocolate Bars Lollipops Camera's Stationary Clothes / Shoes / watches dolls and loads more. I was only 8 when the Spice mania had kicked off and i can still remember listing to there single Wannabe when i was just 6 years old and i knew from that day on that i was a Spice Girls fan no doubt about it. When i saw that the girls started to release some products around 1996 - 1997 i knew that i wanted them as i was a huge fan and i wanted to treasure my items and keep them for years to come as they could be worth something in years to come.

I knew from the early days that the girls had more then music to offer for there fans as they were always thinking about something for there fans and everything that they made were all successful and very popular like the impulse spice fragrance. In 1997 when Impulse had launched the fragrance by the girls i was attending my special needs school and i was also using there stationary range as it was so good and everyone in school either had the pencil case or the tin and then everyone i knew in school had something with the Spice Girls on it was marvellous, I don't ever recall seeing a lot of Spice Girls products while i was growing up in my local stores only the exclusive range that they did in ASDA for Christmas 1997 and the Impulse Spice in our local Co - op store and that was about it and i had wished that i had seen more of there products in the shops, 

I didn't expect to have any of the Spice Girls merchandise and products while i was a kid because my mom thought that it would be kinda too young for me but my mom just gave in and bought me everything that was related to the Girls themselves, My mom had gone into the shop one day and she had found the Impulse spray and thought of me straightaway and she knew that i would love it as i had asked her for it when i had seen the advert for it on TV.As i had difficulties at the time with my speech my mom was the only person that could communicate  with me and also fully understand what i was saying and i can remember when my mom had got the spray out of the bag i was super excited and delighted that i had it in my own two hands and i was able to add it to my ever growing Spice Girls Collection, My mom sprayed some of the spray on me and i said that i love it one of the best fragrances out there for the time and this was also the very first fragrance that i ever smelt.

I have been a huge fan of the Impulse spray since 1997 and Impulse had made this deal with the Spice girls to bring out there first ever body spray for there fans across the globe, The can was very well designed and very colourful and this attracted thousands of Spice Girls Fans across the globe with there catchy slogan with there amazing advert to advertise the product and there huge partnership with buffalo to win a pair of shoes that was signed by the girls. There was also other products on offer that was made for each country including Shower Gel Deodorant Spray in a glass bottle Impulse promo cd T-Shirts Mexican press up Deodorant & much more on offer.

I can recall having a few cans and the shower gel in my Spice Girls collection when i was a kid and my mum would always get me some when she had gone shopping for me because she knew that i loved the fragrance so much and i would always be using it for school, When i had got to school each morning everyone would ask me what is that amazing scent and i said its the Spice Girls spray and everyone in my class loved it and had asked me where i got it from, The next couple of years i would continue to use the spray until it stopped being sold in the shops around about 1998 - 1999 and i was absolutely gutted as this was my all time favorite spray for every day use. In the few years ahead i had just forgotten about this amazing product and then i went on the internet one day and typed in to Google and i had found what it was and i can remember that i wanted to try and get some more as it was amazing and no one in the country had this and i was so stuck on what to do? I had checked everywhere on the internet to find this stuff and i had no luck whatsoever and then there was only one place i could go and that was eBay!I was super excited that i was able to find some on eBay but they were selling them for a lot and i just didn't have the funds to start to collect them and i was so upset because this was my very first fragrance that i had ever smelt and i knew that there must be a way for me to get hold of one can, Anyways a few months down the line i had managed to win one on eBay for £9.00 (yes i know its expensive) but well worth it and when it arrived it just reminded me of my childhood straight away. When i had a spray of it i knew that my childhood was relived once again and the scent still smells delightful after 20 years long and its incredible how long this fragrance does last and its one of the best that Impulse has ever made. I wish that the Spice Girls would make a comeback and get into the products line again and make a second version of this spray because it will be very popular again and they can release some extra products in the line as well. This spray is very rare to find these days and eBay is the only place that does have them and some sellers will charge quite a bit for them as they are well over 20 years old now and people sell them so people can add them to there own Spice Girls collection and sometimes it can be kinda tricky but if you keep looking on eBay you might just end up finding one, currently in my collection i have 2 x 100ml cans the shower gel & the glass perfume deodorant that has all been bought from eBay and i am trying to collect more so i can use them and relive my childhood one again. I would highly recommend searching on eBay if you are looking for this for your collection! Its one of the best fragrances that Impulse has ever made in history!

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