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By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
Some of you may have seen my Twitter at the weekend which held status updates of me (possibly) getting a little too over-excited at my new purchase, when I was out on a beauty spend in Boots! It was really meant for me to get the essentials; moisturiser, toner, cotton wool pads you get the idea! Walking down the makeup aisle and I somewhat became distracted by this sparkler, and like a total magpie I was ran over and popped it in my basket in no time! I've really love OPI's 'Muppets' collection right now but it is difficult to get your mitts on, so when I saw this it was the perfect alternative and at a fraction of the price too! It's from Revlon's 'Expressionists' range and the color is 'Facets of Fuchsia' (click HERE to buy). It's the perfect color for winter and I love that its a bright color yet not completely in your face. I had to apply 2-3 coats for a good coverage, I'd recommend you put a clear top coat over to prevent any chipping, as the glitter can be a little rough and catch on clothes. Always irritates me when you're wearing a nail polish you've only had on for the past day starts to chip, but I've had this on since Saturday and they're still absolutely perfect. RESULT!
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