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-MENSWEAR SPECIAL #1- 'The Gents Dresser'...

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
-MENSWEAR SPECIAL #1- 'The Gents Dresser'...
It's the first of theStyleTreaty's menswear specials! I've roped in the help of a man who gets style to a 'tee'!
Let me introduce you to the very suave Matt from the blog 'The Gents Dresser'. Take it away Matt!
   TST- Matt! What do you do for a living? I work as a Manager and Tailoring specialist for a British luxury fashion brand. I write a blog. Anything else? Send me a post-card....
TST- How often would you say you go shopping?
Not as often as you might think....Since being more concerned with style, rather than fashion, I find myself shopping for wardrobe staples/classics that transcend seasonal whims. That said, my eye is shopping everyday- If I see something that's an 'essential', then I indulge.
TST- How much would you spend on an average shop?
Again, difficult question as it depends what I'm going for. My last purchase was a pair of Grenson 'Stanley' brogues, but I tend to buy from Mr Porter etc. Not because I don't enjoy shopping, more because I love the way their e-commerce team works and the level of service they offer.
TST- What do you think are staples that every man should have in his wardrobe?
Ok, so all year round? Every man MUST have these....
-Navy, single breasted suit.-Grey, single breasted suit.-Navy, one button, single breasted blazer.-One pair of slim cut, dark indigo raw denim jeans.-A sturdy pair of slim chino's (preferably in a neutral shade).-A couple of well fitting white shirts.-A selection of smart/casual button-down collar shirts.-Good quality white/navy/black t-shirts.-Navy cashmere/merino V neck sweater.-See above but also as a roll neck.- A GOOD pair of brogues (Grenson, Loake etc). Brown or tan to wear with suits as well as casual attire.-Black Oxford shoes.-Converse. White. Simple.-A selection of solid ties in navy, black, burgundy etc. -A navy knitted tie.
These are what I consider the essentials, you can dress for pretty much any occasion with these pieces.
Once you've got this nailed you can start injecting color and pattern.
TST- What item of clothing/accessory could you not be without?
A navy, single breasted, one-button blazer. The depths of this wonderful item I can't even begin to explain. You NEED one. There's nothing else I can add....
TST- In your line of work are you often faced with men who are clueless as to what suits them, how to style etc?
I think men are currently having a lot of fun with style and generally embracing dressing up a lot more. The 'average' guy on the street seems to be a lot more confident in their approach to  buying clothes and aware of what suits them and what they want. Of course you do have people seeking opinions and guidance (especially with tailoring), but in general I deal with people a lot more open-minded and style savvy than you might think. I guess we can attribute this to the rise of guys like David Beckham etc into the public eye.
TST- Who is your biggest style inspiration?
Steve McQueen. In every way. He wore formal wear with the right balance of masculinity and attitude as well as making a fitted white T-shirt and battered Levis look as if they were made to measure. A great man.
TST- What brands do you find yourself buying the most?
 -REISS because it suits my lifestyle. I can shop for every occasion in our stores. I'm not saying this because I work for the brand, but the style literally suits every single aspect of my life.-Levi's 511 for denim. Always loyal to the same denim brand.-Grenson for THE best brogues known to man.-Acqua Di Parma/ Tom Ford fragrance.
TST- Which man of the moment do you think hits the nail on the head in the fashion stakes and why?
 Cue lots of cliched groans, but Mr Beckham has it. Also Patrick Grant, George Lamb and Ryan Gosling do most things right as well.
TST- OK, a bit of an embarrassing one, but what has been your biggest fashion faux pas?
Won't even go there! But in all honesty, probably simply wearing clothes that didn't fit and not knowing my size.
TST- Batman or James Bond? Bond. Every time; Great cars, great women and nice suits. Batman is a cartoon character that wears a cape. Also, black suit with a yellow belt?  Looks like a wasp. No contest.
TST- When my socks get holes in them I tend to…
 Kick myself for not getting new ones the second I noticed they were tired of life....  
TST- Any style advice you’d like to offer?Buy less, but be sensible in your choices. Invest in classics that will deliver time and time again. And shoes, always buy the best shoes you can afford. This is where most of you're budget needs to go....Oh, and polish them regularly.
Make sure you check out Matt's blog 'The Gents Dresser' you can also follow him on Twitter where you can keep up to date on his latest style stalks and many a photo of Steve McQueen... he really does love him
-MENSWEAR SPECIAL #1- 'The Gents Dresser'...

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