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Spain – Facing a Financial Storm in the Autumn.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


I’ve been looking at the charts of several European nations trying to see if any other countries are due for a difficult time, and facing the upcoming Uranus Pluto with potential financial worries will be Spain. Spain has serious financial problems caused by the explosion of an over inflated housing market back in 2008. Spain also is blighted by 20% unemployment coupled with over 5 million immigrants, who put a great strain on a fragile economy.


I use the 1975 Modern Spain chart, the 22nd November 1975 at 12.45 cast after the death of General Franco set for the accession of King Juan Carlos. A Scorpio Sun and Cancerian Moon shows a very confident country, one where sensitivity and emotion is on tap at all times. The King does seem to have a magnetic hold on Spain, maybe due to the way he acceded to the throne after years of military dictatorship. The Sun sits proudly in the 10th house confirming that Spain is a constitutional monarchy, and the Moon is in the 6th of the everyday worker along with Saturn showing a link between the common man and the government of the country, Saturn trines to the Sun showing the government’s right to rule. The moon in the 6th house is also indicative of agriculture playing a big part of the economy. Taurus, associated with farming sits across the 4th house cusp of the land, reinforcing this reliance on cultivating, growing food and building, including house building.

We have two significant t-squares on the chart – one with a Saturn/Ascendant opposition focused on Uranus and the other based around a Jupiter opposition to Pluto and Venus, squared by the Moon. We also have a wedge off this opposition focused on Neptune.

The Saturn/Ascendant/Uranus t-square shows a very progressive autonomous form of federal government. Uranus normally rules groups and committees, independence and individualism, and Spain runs with each autonomous region having substantial powers over their own economies. The second t-square is more problematic as the opposition sits across the financial 2nd/8th houses. Jupiter in the 2nd is very speculative with the nation’s finances and the 8th house Pluto/Venus highlight the problems Spain now faces. Pluto/Venus enhances Jupiter’s power for being wasteful (Venus rules money), and of course there is a link here to the housing bubble and subsequent crisis as Taurus is ruled by Venus. Pluto in the 8th opposite Jupiter in the 2nd also can be linked to a large “black economy” laying hidden below the surface which blights Spain’s economy, fueled by the huge immigrant population which is shown by the whole t-square - Jupiter square Moon shows a population which is multi-cultural. Both links to Pluto and Neptune as well as a Moon/Neptune inconjunct aspect show the tendency for the amount of immigrants to be unconstrained. How much in taxes is lost through this illegal activity nobody knows, but seeing as the 8th house is also the house of debt, the Venus/Pluto conjunction opposite to Jupiter shows a potential for huge financial problems to pile up.

Moving on to Neptune in the 10th trine Jupiter sextile Pluto/Venus, this wedge highlights the deep (Pluto) Catholic (Neptune) faith (Jupiter) that lies at the heart of Spanish life. Culture is very important in Spain, music, art and dance. Neptune trine Jupiter sextile to Venus shows a real diverse and rich culture, one where the people enjoy life to the full and this is given extra spice by Mars sitting prominently in the 5th house of entertainment. Spain is a sports loving country from football to tennis, motor racing to bull fighting & Mars in the 5th house shows huge passion for it’s heroes.

Spain-Modern transits

I think Spain will soon be on the edge of a financial precipice. The reason? Spain’s natal Pluto, the key to the debt problem through the Pluto/Jupiter square sits at 10:55 Libra and in the firing line in the autumn for approaching Pluto. Secondly, we have transiting Saturn in the autumn entering Scorpio and as it does it will square the Aquarian ascendant opposed by Saturn in Leo and then it will hit natal Uranus the chart ruler head on. Thirdly, in the autumn we have the transiting Nodes hitting the natal Sun before being conjunct to the MC/IC axis. Transiting Neptune will be square to the Spanish Sun, this depressing and dissolving influence will sap national confidence. Uranus will itself be inconjunct it’s own position, very nasty and hinting at protests and possibly violence.

This is a lot of planetary pressure focused in a short time span hitting around October/November 2012. How will it play out? Big question, but international financial pressure focused on that 8th house Pluto and Venus which will be battered by the Uranus/Pluto square i think is more than likely and I can also see the impending crisis forcing a possible snap election triggered by Saturn’s square to it’s own position and conjunction to Uranus.

Ok I will have a quick look at the stars for Madrid in early November set for Madrid. First up, Uranus will be in paran relationship with fixed Star Algol, the head of the medusa in Perseus. Algol is fierce, passionate and often is associated with unfortunate events. Brady says that this connection shows rebellion and the anger of the common people. In a similar vein, Saturn is in paran with Hamal in Aries which will inflame the public mood even more. Uranus also connects with Murzims in the constellation Canis Major. The dog star has a big bark, and this connection shows the people wanting their voice to be heard, often there are elections held around this time. Pluto’s relationship to Sualocin brings unforeseen action, which tends to back my assertion that a surprise election could happen.

Mars will be in connection with both star El Nath in Taurus and Bellatrix in Orion in early November showing the potential for industrial action and strikes as well as a very aggressive attitude within not only the people but also the authorities.

Now, if this scenario pans out as I see will the government survive? I believe more than likely as Venus will be close to Saturn, the established leader in the sky giving her light and blessing. Uranus makes one more paran to Betelgeuse which traditionally sees that the people favour the existing policies of the day, so Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may get a reprieve to sort out the impending financial crisis.

Even if he and the current Spanish government survive this predicted tough period, Spain looks as if it is facing a rough ride in the months to come. It’s gonna get ugly, the people look as if they are not going to be happy and a financial hurricane is coming. I suggest the Spanish people and leaders need to start battening down the hatches straight away.

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