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South Korea Suffers Cyber Hacking Attack

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Geek Hacking

Interesting story out of South Korea over night as authorities are investigating a cyber attack on several broadcasters KBS, MBC and YTN as well as two banks, the Shinhan Bank and Nonghyup Bank. Representatives of the banks said that their computer systems went down and their operations were severely affected and spokespeople at the three TV companies said that their computers crashed and were not able to be restarted, with screens simply displaying error messages. The local authorities are looking into the matter, however the obvious thought is that this might be an attack by their North Korean neighbours.

SouthKorea natal

SouthKorea transits

This is a look at the transits for the the South Korean chart. Above I have included the South Korean natal chart set for 15th August 1948 in Seoul at midnight, formed after the split of the country into North and South Korea. The obvious candidate for a cyber attack is the Mars Uranus conjunction that is forming in Aries right now, quite literally internet (Uranus rules technology) attack (Mars, planet of force and attacks). This time around I have highlighted the important aspects so that you can see them a bit more clearly, mainly because the South Korean chart is a bit stressed at the moment.

You can see Mars Uranus in the outer ring in the 11th house making a square to South Korea’s 2nd house natal Venus and an opposition to their natal  Neptune which conveniently sits in their natal 5th house. Transiting Pluto in the South Korean 8th is also in action here opposing natal Venus and making a square to Neptune. Pluto is the planet of underground and subversive action, it is destructive and secretive. These influences are focusing on money institutions and broadcasters. Venus is the planet of money and the 2nd house rules the financial institutions, banks and money supply of a country, Neptune rules inspiration, films and TV and the 5th house is the house of entertainment, creativity and art.

Transiting Saturn which rules the 9th house of overseas relations is making a square to the Korean Midheaven, so this is interference that is aimed one might think indirectly at the leadership of South Korea possibly from abroad, and as such they will now be looking at security issues to see if another possible attack can be prevented. Actually who is to blame is very hard to tell from looking at the Korean chart. With the transiting nodal axis (not highlighted) square to the South Korean Sun, this is an unexpected hit to the Korean nation that nobody would have foreseen. Transiting Neptune and Mercury (not highlighted) are now square to the Korean Ascendant, bringing uncertainty and mixed messages hanging like a dense mist over Seoul, and Neptune is going to be holding this square throughout 2013. For sure in the coming year, the South Koreans are going to be very  nervous, confused and worrying what may come next…


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