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South Ealing 2

By Pmeurice
South Ealing, few days before Christmas.

We can't go through these times in England without spending some hours in the pubs. I will miss them as this is something we cannot find in France.

Just a bus stop in the common:

South Ealing 2

Ealing Common

Walking down the green, and here is the Grange. I particularly like this place, winter and summer, it's been  the 'rendez-vous' point in the neighbourhood. Very good restaurant next door as well, and feeling cosy.

South Ealing 2

The Grange, Ealing

Really close to where I leave, the Rose and Crown... These paintings are a tribute to a special friendship and very nice summer moments, spent enjoying the pub's garden, and English ale. 

South Ealing 2

South Ealing 2

The Rose and Crown, South Ealing

I moved to this quick drawing style during summer holidays, as I was doing some travel sketches. I found it really enjoyable to accentuate the drawing lines and the shapes with a black pen, as well as  using stronger color washes... Just having the feeling this place is familiar, and that going there, I'll be meeting good friends. 

A warm note for this post, and wishing you a nice Christmas! 

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