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Sos Call:we Need Mentors!!!

By Misslara16 @misslara

What happened to those days when missionaries  visited secondary schools, preachers drop by every sunday in Secondary schools, boosted moral standards and spiritual beliefs of young people. All that is gone because men have ignored the values we grew up with and are after the big bread now, hence the new generation we breed. Older people sit and complain about young people going wayward but they have forgotten that their role in the process has been ignored.
Before now, older people cared what happened to the younger ones they were mentors, teachers and care takers. In recent times, they have dumped all these roles and taken up that of judges. We had lots of words of wisdom, indigenous idioms and folklore that taught people societal and family values, all that is is gone now. Older folks don't care what the younger ones go through and how they have lived their life so far, the difficulty young people face in trying to keep their faith and the vast range of choices they are faced with every day. If we will just get off our high horses and see what these young ones are about, how things are in the 21St century and what society has evolved into, the world will be a better place.
I will not ignore the fact that we have people who are still committed to the growth of young people spiritually, mentally and in every way essential, truth is its not enough! What I want is for more people to get up and join forces so that our values will not die, so that the fear of God will remain in our hearts. Our pastors and teachers of the word are preoccupied with several thing forgetting this aspect of their jobs. This is not limited to pastors and teachers its every one's responsibility to be a good example wherever you are and in whatever you do. Don't just sit there and complain making sneer comments, you want to see any change? be the the change or at least start the change!
I understand the world is changing rapidly and I wish people will just open their eyes and see that the WORD's standard has not. Pastors should get up from their money slumber, teachers wake up from your complaintsphere  and mentors arise and help this great but struggling generation.
 The world is in need of mentors, people who are ready to share the knowledge they have acquired over they years without judging, people who's hearts yearn to see a better future for the world irrespective of  our tribe and nationality, disregarding where belong. God created the world and asked us to dominate he gave us a huge responsibility and he knows that we are capable of keeping his words, he has empowered us to be good influences in our world, lets get to working! 

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