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Sorry for the Lack of Postings !

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Apologies to my avid readers for my lack of posting, life has been rather hectic. The area of Architecture and IT I work in (BIM or Building Information Modelling) has become an extremely hot topic over the last few months and I am stretched somewhat dealing with it all. I seem to be giving presentations up and down the country every other day! I have also started tweeting a fair bit possibly some of the stuff I might normally do little mini blog postings about.

For those on twitter I am @stodgeblog

So hopefully this will be the first of a flurry of small blog postings but expect a few things slightly different from the norm as I am still not back on the bike so am up to other stuff !

Sorry for the lack of Postings !
I have cleared out the garage recently (didn’t do my back much good) so as to make easier access for all Orienteering kit we look after for the club but also for access to my Spitfire, a new turbo trainer setup and even a workbench which will make bike maintenance easier. Cath has commented recently that a side effect of my injury is the poor state of service of her bike (that’s me told).

With getting the spitfire on the road I obviously addressed the most important item before bothering with the MOT, that of carrying a bike. It really does show quite how small the spitfire is. I am looking forward to getting to a few of the later Dark and White events if my back gets fixed in time using the spitfire to enjoy the White Peak views.


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