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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

By Cosybites @cosybites

Halas, completed, done! I’m talking about course 1 of the PME Advanced Cake Decorating program I took. When I tell people I’m taking a cake decorating class, most have the perception that the class teaches you how to bake a cake then decorate it. Unfortunately for both Wilton and PME courses, they don’t. Being able to bake cakes and cupcakes is a pre-requisite for attending the courses.

So what do we learn in this PME sugar paste course?

We were taught how to cover an odd-shaped (hexagon in my case) cake with fondant and the side treatment like swags, frills and lace work.

PME - Hexagon Cake

You may have seen the picnic basket cake we made in class in my previous post.

Picnic Basket Cake

We made teddy bears, both 2D and 3D.

Teddy 2D
Teddy 3D

One of the lessons required us to bring along 6 cupcakes which we decorated them in class.

Fondant Cupcakes

Since I made more than 6 cupcakes, I decorated the rest on my own when I got home… sesame street style!

Sesame Street Cupcakes

Besides the teddy bears, we were taught how to make more animals like cow, pig, lion, monkey, elephant, dog etc. Since we would not be able to finish so many animals in class, we each made an elephant and another animal of our choice.

Elephant & Cow

When I posted these photos on facebook, my friend asked if I could make Elmo. So I did, to go along with the sesame street cupcakes.


We were also taught how to make human figures. My boy and girl figures barely survived the car ride home. And the bride I made died in the car.


PME - Boy and Girl

For our last lesson (which was yesterday), we had to decorate a tiered cake with at least 2 of the techniques we have learnt in class. Since I had made a wedding dress cake in the Wilton course previously, I decided not to do a wedding-themed cake but something more fun and colourful. Something I grew up with, complete with rainbows! Sadly, without the pot of gold.

Here it is, my final cake … Welcome to Care-A-Lot Land!

Care Bears Cake

Not only is it colourful on the outside, it’s colourful on the inside too!


Care Bears Rainbow Cake

Check out the cakes my course mates made! Aren’t they lovely?

PME Course 1 Final Cakes

We were all exhausted but very happy with our cakes at the end of our class (as you can see from our group photo).

PME Course 1 Group Photo

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