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A Move To Remember (in a Bad Way)

By Cosybites @cosybites

My apologies, for disappearing from this space for so long. I have been extremely busy, with settling my son in his school and with everything else at home. We have more or less settled down, with one thing still hanging in the air – our movers. In my previous post, I have expressed my happiness with our movers in Dubai but their Singapore counterpart, Raffles Movers, is such a letdown. They are the most unprofessional and irresponsible movers I’ve come across so far.

First, the base of our round table broke. Ok, this may not be the fault of the Singapore team as the breakage could have occurred anytime from the time it was packed to the time it arrived but they will still need to take responsibility for this.

RM - Round Table

When unpacking our stuff, they did not bother to thoroughly check through the boxes to make sure that they are empty before disposing them. One good example? They unpacked our vacuum cleaner and without checking, threw away the box along with the spare parts in it. Unfortunately we only realised it shortly after the team has left. We called the supervisor and told him about it. He said he will come back but never did.

Some of our items were also missing, like my husband’s Birkenstock sandals and a few brand new Oakley caps.

What we did find, is a pack of spare screws. We had no idea what these are for, until much later…..

RM - MBR Bed-2

…. when our bed collapsed while my husband was sleeping!

RM - MBR Bed

Apparently the screws are meant for our bed but they just fix it the way they like and call it job done.

RM - MBR Bed-1

It seems they had forced a screw into the wood, causing it to crack.

Worried that the same thing might happen to our son’s bed, we quickly inspected his bed and found this.

RM - BR1 Bed

I can live with a few broken and missing items but I cannot take it when they do not even bother to fix our beds properly. This is just too dangerous!

When we contacted them about all these, they said there is nothing they can do. We took up a comprehensive insurance cover from them before our move but according to them, they can only pay us S$50 for the broken table and no compensation at all for the rest. S$50 for the table is a joke. What kind of table can S$50 buy?

Their reason for not able to compensate us? They said we went for the lump sum cover instead of the itemised one where we have to list down all the inventory along with the respective value. I don’t see how comprehensive this insurance is from the way they put it. Their representative was supposed to come by 2 weeks ago to look at the damage but he did not show up because his car broke down. Seriously?!!

Having dragged this on for so long with not even the slightest trace of customer service or service recovery from their end, we are almost giving up hope that we can get any response from them. Now I just wish to share our experience and pray nobody has to go through what we went through.

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