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Sometimes I Wonder Why…

By Jenrene

mybdaySometimes I wonder why…

Life sets you up and keeps you hoping…

For things that never seem to appear.

It seems like things are worth waiting for, and then… you lose

All hope.

And it happens.

It is not until you get to the end of the rope and you and dangling…

That someone or something comes and offers you another hand.

And you catch hold…

You breathe again,

and you freeze…

Until the next dream.

And then, it starts all over again.

I write this  as I await and long for something beautiful to come into my life. And I hope.

I am not at the end of the rope… yet. But I am pretty close. (As least I think I am.) who knows?

Maybe there is more  hope in me than I really realize, after all.

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