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Sometimes I’m Flying

By Brisdon @shutuprun

This is kind of a random post, but when it is –14 outside, sometimes you just have to go random.

Occasionally I will have wild and crazy dreams after I eat a lot of Dots or Hot Tamales in bed late at night. But, that is different from the RC (Recurring Dream).

See, I have this RC.  I wonder what it means. In the dream I am flying (like a bird, not in an airplane). Sometimes I am trying to get away from something or someone (not specified). Sometimes I am just trying to keep myself in the air. In the dream I know I can fly, but I also know it takes effort. (In reality I am probably just trying to finally PR in my marathon).

I’m a believer that when dreams recur it is usually because we are trying to work something out in our heads/emotions.

I looked up what this “flying” dream means. A flying dream where you are soaring without a care in the world has quite a different meaning than one in which you are struggling or afraid {source}:

Trouble Flying:

  • Having a tough time flying in your dreams suggest that someone or something is stopping you from moving to the next step in life.
  • Try and think what was stopping you from taking off in your dream whether it was a you, a friend or a building that was in  your way.  These objects or “dream symbols”  help us determine what is stopping us from moving up in the world.

In reality I can’t fly, except for this one time a couple of years ago:


I am not sure how much I buy into dream interpretation, but it does give me something to think about. Is someone or something holding me back? My guess is that it is myself. That alone is an epiphany.

I was curious what some other recurring dreams are. TGFG (Thank God for Google).

The 5 most common recurring dreams (from HERE):

1. Teeth falling out: means you need to be careful of what comes out of your mouth, i.e., improve communication skills

Sometimes I’m Flying

2. Being chased: means you should stop avoiding things

Sometimes I’m Flying

3. Keep Finding filthy, clogged toilets: means you read this blog too much. No really, it means you have trouble expressing to others (“relieving to others”) what is bothering you. Your emotional plumbing (shit) is backed way up.

Sometimes I’m Flying

4. Being back in school: means you are feeling unprepared or uncertain about something like a job, a race, a relationship, etc.

Sometimes I’m Flying

5. Being cheated on: means you aren’t getting the attention you need in your relationship

Sometimes I’m Flying

Look at that, I just solved your problems.

Do you have a recurring dream? What do you think it means? I have the flying one, of course. Before races I always have the one where you show up late (and sometimes naked) and the race has already started. I also have dreams about people I used to be close to and have lost touch with. I think it is my mind’s way of trying to get closure.


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