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Sometimes a Cowboy's Just a Man in a Cowboy Suit

By Jr

Sometimes a cowboy's just a man in a cowboy suit
My buddy Tony told me about this guy the other night and I couldn't for the life of me remember his name. In my hungover state he became 'James Sharpiepen' amongst other aliases. Check him out. His name is Joh Vanderslice and he's playing Dublin on Sept 30th, with none other than my buddy Tony, aka VerseChorusVerse (who also plays guitar for And So I Watch You From Afar.
Buy John Vanderslice (if that's even his real name) tickets here

Listen to VerseChorusVerse

I've been listening to Sunburnt Jets album for the past couple of days. It's hella catchy.

Sample it's catchiness. Download the entire LP for FREE!
Sometimes a cowboy's just a man in a cowboy suitI'd post more but I have to catch a bus...raincheck yo.

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