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Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

By Brisdon @shutuprun
Guys. I just had the most amazing massage. For the past few years I've gotten massages that were mostly torture to treat or release some body part that was hurting due to running. Not for relaxation.
For Mother's Day Sam gave me a gift certificate to Spavia, a new spa in town. I love how they asked me what fragrance lotion to use (white ginger lily), what music I wanted (soft new-agey stuff) and best of all how much conversation I did or did not want during the massage (little to none). I am not a huge conversationalist when I get a massage unless it's feedback about my body, so this was a nice thing to take into account. Two things the massage therapist commented on:
  • "Your left IT Band is so tight it is alarming." Wow no one has ever called my IT band "alarming." Alarming is usually when someone's house is on fire or when you find out the mailman is your dad or you crapped your pants and you are not a baby.
  • "You are lucky you can wear pointy shoes." WHAT? Oh, she means because of this situation. 

Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

Can someone pay for me to get a manicure? Or just a toe transplant?

My toes never cease to amaze people or myself. Freaky freak finger-like toes.
What's new with me? Here are a few things.
1. I am trying this.
Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

I have little to no upper body strength. Last week I could barely do 5 push ups. Today I did 12.
2. As I get older I do not want to get into ruts. That's why I keep signing up for stupid ass and crazy races. That is also why I keep trying new recipes. This one was a winner. My daughter, Emma is not only a vegetarian (well technically pescatarian), but she is also picky. Her response to this meal, "Mom. That was a 10 on the scale." Sometimes I do things right.

Seafood Cakes with Mustard Crema Recipe

Seafood Cakes with Mustard Cream

3. Because I am putting in the miles these days and most of them should involve climbing, I've been heading out to the trails a lot more than usual. This means that I am running by myself on trails some. I haven't really done this before - mostly for safety reasons - i.e., wild animals, wild people or falling. So, I've been going at times when I think more people will be out there and I've been running with my mace, just in case.
Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

Pictures from today's 8 miler, which covered 1,500 feet of climbing:

Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

My attempt to get a timer shot. You get an up close of my leg and the crotch of my shorts instead

Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

Another fail at a timer shot

Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

Happy runner. Crooked sunglasses.

4. I'm bored with TV. I have turned to Netflix and House of Cards. Political shows tend to confuse me because I can be kind of dumb, but I am doing my best to stick with the plot. It's good.
5. I signed up for the Leadville Marathon. I almost didn't because it looked too easy.
Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

You might remember I did the Heavy Half (15 miles) last year (race report HERE). There was suffering, but there was also fantastic scenery and beer at the end, so that made it okay.

6. I was reminded this weekend of how creepy Raynauds disorder can make my hands look after I run in the cold:
Something Very Alarming You Need to Know About

When was your last massage?

What are you watching on Netflix now?

Newest recipe you've tried and liked?

How many push ups can you do? Prove it.


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